Top 10 posts of 2014


These are my top 10 posts from the past year (posting today obviously assumes I won’t be writing a blockbuster in the coming week).

If you missed one of them the first time, please have a look now. Links are provided in blue.

1. Holy Saturday (This was a re-post from the previous year.)

2. What we preach (This was from a guest blogger. Thanks, Scott.)

3. Top 10 differences between Switzerland and the U.S. (Being featured at “expats blog” clearly helped to drive traffic to this post.)

4. My dad passed away last week

5. When a friend betrays you

6. Westboro Baptist and me

7. The problem with Palm Sunday

8. Comments at the door after church

9. One reason the ALS ice bucket challenge will not do nearly as well in Europe

10. A prayer for the end of summer

The last year was a good one for my blog. I reached 6,600 unique views for the month of April, my best month ever, and then leveled off. A factor in the leveling off, I’m guessing, is that I began to post less often, once per week rather than the feverish pace (two to three times per week) with which I started the year.

Observations about expat life in Switzerland have clearly drawn readers, but the bread-and-butter for my blog continues to be reflections on the spiritual life. That’s where I started, that’s what energizes me, and that’s where I’ll stay, Lord willing, in the year ahead.

Thanks for leaving comments. I like those better than the creepy data about you that I get from Google Analytics. I’m curious about something: very few – close to zero – comments have been left by my Swiss readers. A natural reserve? Neutral, so no strong opinions? I’m not sure.

Been wondering where my readers come from? Here’s a top 10 list:

1. Zurich CH (no surprise)

2. Wheaton, Illinois

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5. Chicago, Illinois

6. Meilen CH (the village where I live)

7. Tampa, Florida

8. Plantation, Florida

9. Dubendorf CH

10. Thalwil CH

Honorable mentions go to the following cities: Singapore (#19), Kathmandu (#37), and Quezon City, The Philippines (#57).

I wish all of you the very best in 2015.

(Photo: That was yours truly participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge back in September, along with Scotty Williams, my colleague.)

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