An invitation to the Lord’s Table on World Communion Sunday

world communion sunday 2


(Tomorrow, Sunday, October 6, is World Communion Sunday, and what follows is an invitation to the Lord’s Table from Presbyterian Church USA liturgical resources.)


Friends, this is the joyful feast of unity.

Christ has gathered his people around the earth

to commune at this table.


Across political lines and economic lines,

in places of powerfully protected affluence,

and among the poorest of the poor,

we share a meal,

remembering and celebrating the One who proved shalom possible.


And so, come:

you from the East and you from the West,

from the North and from the South.



Come with your doubts,

come with your hopes,

come with your inadequacies

and with your strengths.



for this is a table where all are invited

and all are welcome.


About Doug

I have been a writer ever since fifth grade when I won second prize in a “prose and poetry” contest. I am also a Presbyterian pastor, and for several years toward the end of my career I lived and worked in Zürich, Switzerland. I am now retired and live just north of Holland, Michigan, along the lake.

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One Response to An invitation to the Lord’s Table on World Communion Sunday

  1. Georgia Hamilton October 7, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    Beautiful! Welcoming as Christ would welcome! Thank you, Doug.


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